• To secure resources from individuals, corporations, and foundations to support appropriate educational and cultural activities that benefit students in Ouray County for which federal, state, and local funding are not fully available.
  • To provide resources which encourage the development of innovative educational programs.
  • To provide resources for programs external to school which enrich student lives, broaden their educational and cultural experiences, and compensate for the relative isolation of the Ouray County area.
  • To facilitate understanding and cooperation between Ridgway and Ouray Schools and between the schools and the people of the community.
  • To enhance exposure to resources and training of guidance counselors, teachers, and staff to improve their qualifications.
  • To arouse various students' interests through sponsorship of qualified guest speakers in business, industry, military, science, government, agriculture, legal, arts, music and education professions.
  • To provide grant writing assistance and financial support for innovative academic, artistic, or cultural courses in Ouray and Ridgway schools.
  • To promote individual responsibility in students.